Meet Our Team!

Jim Graden

Master Instructor

Jim Graden has been teaching martial arts and fitness in the Seminole/Largo area for over 35 years. Jim has trained hundreds of children to the rank of Black Belt and have impacted thousands of families over his 35 years of teaching Karate in the Seminole/Largo area. He is a legitimate World Kickboxing Champion and a five-time member of the World Champion United Stated Karate team.

Vikki Klidis

Head Instructor

Vikki Klidis is the master Instructor of our COBRA for kids Self-Defense System. Vikki is the highest-ranking female Black Belt in the COBRA Defense Fighting System and was trained by the creator of COBRA, Chris Sutton himself.  


She is also a 2nd degree Black Belt, under Jim Graden, in the Joe Lewis Fighting System.

Jacqui Pellegrini

Chief Instructor

Jacqui Pellegrini is the chief instructor for our 4-6 year olds (little Dragons) martial arts program. Jacqui is a certified elementary School Teacher. She is also a black Belt under Jim Graden and has been training in the martial arts for over 13 years. Jacqui brings her teaching knowledge and martial arts experience to the little dragons program.

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